Discover the Fortress of Data Security Inside the iDeals Data Room

iDeals data room was created to ensure the security of important documents that may contain trade secrets and any other confidential information essential to the company. This article will consider the main software features for seamless and secure collaboration.

iDeals data room: comprehensive protection of corporate data workflows

The use of IT technologies in an enterprise is associated with risks related to the protection of corporate information. The reasons for this are not so much the actions of competitors or hackers but rather the lack of attention to these issues by the management of the enterprise. The corporate security policy should regulate the implementation of mechanisms for protecting information from internal and external threats and address the problems of secure data transfer within the enterprise network and via the global Internet.

It is also essential to understand that protecting information in corporate networks is a continuous process that requires involvement, constant updating and improvement. Therefore, companies prefer using digital platforms like a virtual data room. The

    • Systematic archiving, including saving all versions of documents after each change, without the possibility of destroying versions (exclusion from access only)
    • Maintaining detailed records of access to documents.
    • Storing documents in the form of their electronic images with all attributes (signatures, seals, notes, etc.).
    • Saving the output (print) formats of all created documents.
    • Maximum representation of the document in the archival database.
    • Full search and attribute information (document card, SQL table row).

How to protect confidential company data?

The problem of creating and maintaining a secure information exchange environment that implements specific rules and security policies of a modern organization is very relevant. Information has long ceased to play a temporary, purely auxiliary role, having become a vital, significant, almost material factor with its cost characteristics. That is why the most robust security measures are implemented in the iDeals data room:

      • Data encryption
      • Multi-factor authentication
      • Access data control
      • Unified document storage
      • Electronic signature
      • Digital watermarks.

The main objectives of the data room management module are to ensure reliable centralized storage of electronic documents following archival requirements for their protection and safety, combined with the most convenient and simple access – both from local and remote computers of any configuration.

So, businesses must master digital technologies and experiment with social networks, extensive data analysis and cloud computing. Focusing on digital transformation will give enterprises to new directions for development, allow them to outperform competitors and prepare them for the near future changes. Investments in digital transformation will be a top strategic priority over the next two years, along with expanding analytics and data capabilities. The main incentive for launching digital transformation is transitioning to new business models like the Ideals data room.