Allshare Fileshare Service Essentials

AllShare technology provides wireless synchronization of PCs, laptops, and Samsung mobile phones with TV, providing streaming content: videos and photos, viewing tabs and information about calls, text messages on the TV screen.

Synchronize Your Phone and Your SMART TV with Allshare

Synchronization of devices occurs through the built-in Wi-Fi module in the phone and the built-in or optional Wi-Fi module in smart TVs. Thus, two devices can exchange information with each other. To sync devices, you need to run the AllShare app bilaterally. The name of the phone appears on the TV screen in the list of external media. By pressing the Enter button, you can turn on the MediaPlay function with the following set of options: Video, Photo, Music and Recorded TV Shows. All that remains is to select the required file.

You can also use your phone to run media files on your TV screen located on your PC’s hard drive. To do this, in the AllShare menu of your phone, select “Play file from server on another player”, which will allow you to access media content shared from your PC by:

  • installation of a special program that will open Wi-Fi access to your multimedia files;
  • using Windows Media Player on Windows7.

So, let’s go directly to the study and configuration of the Allshare application for Android. Let’s answer the main question – what is it for at all and how can it be useful to us? In fact, everything is as simple as daylight. With it, you can watch multimedia files that are stored on your phone right on your TV screen. Moreover, this process does not require any special settings and abstruse actions. You just need to touch the screen of your smartphone or tablet a couple of times and you’re done. If you don’t believe the author of the article, watch the video:

The Main Essentials of Allshare Fileshare Service

Samsung AllShare may not be as popular and technically advanced as Apple’s AirPlay, but it is widely used to wirelessly exchange multimedia content between devices that proudly carry the logo of the famous South Korean giant.

Samsung Allshare allows you to:

  • save or transfer shared multimedia content to a computer or other devices;
  • play shared multimedia content on a computer or other devices;
  • view or play shared multimedia content stored on your computer from another device;
  • view or search for shared content stored on connected devices.

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