Cheap DIY NAS or VDR?

With Diy NAS and virtual data room on your server, you are not limited to a specific hardware controller to access/recover your data.

What Should You Know About NAS?

Network Attached Storage means network storage system or simply network storage. This is a kind of miniature computer with a network connection, designed to provide the ability to store information to other devices. Like any computer, a NAS cannot function without an operating system. You will need NAS module programs to access files and control system functions. In most cases, NAS does not have a monitor and is not controlled by a keyboard or mouse.

The main components of NAS include:

  • means of instant detection of problem areas in the security system of your network;
  • an ordered list of detailed actionable remedies;
  • identified vulnerabilities and security resolution tools to ensure compliance with federal and state security laws opportunities to mitigate the risk of intentional or accidental misuse of information and IT resources Learn more about corporate commitments.

With cheap diy nas you are given the opportunity to establish conversations, discussions, and voting about employee situations during the specialization of documentation. Among other things, you can pay for the service performed and the watch spent on it. Such analytical information will be available in the form of convenient charts. You will not so much be able to exchange documentation in the same hour and safely, but also increase the business of its production. These virtual rooms give not only a better functioning of almost probabilistic customers but also with their professionals. If your personal questions have arisen, and they have no meaning at one time or another of the day or night you asked them.

Why Is It Recommended to Choose Diy NAS Over VDR?

Although the issue of security, everyone decides for himself to the extent of his paranoia. Well, the convenience of working with automated catalogs, reports, and search engines will probably be challenged only by zealous lovers of accounting tomes and fans of tactile sensations from touching the paper.

If yours are security and ease of management, then buying a NAS is likely a better match. If you value a fully customized system, then building your own may be worth the trade-off for you. By first specifying your needs for the system, you will be able to make the right decision for your company. Different types of corporate data should be stored in different locations. Certain files must be stored locally by standards, while others can be stored in the cloud, which simplifies management, reduces costs, and provides easy scalability.

With the NAS, you can easily view videos or photos on a large TV screen that were taken just a few minutes ago by the onboard camera of your smartphone, as well as listen to your favorite music tracks. And this requires very little effort from you: just a few clicks on the necessary buttons. The main privileges of it include:

  • Granular access controls, robust authentication protocols, and authorization policies to ensure the appropriate level of access for each user in every scenario.
  • Advanced security features and policies, including remote wipe, device lock, password protection, whitelisting, blacklisting, and retention policies, help ensure that data that employees have access to, including from mobile devices remain secure and under the control of the IT department.
  • Robust real-time tracking and auditing of user activity allows you to create customized reports that will comply with corporate data management policies and compliance standards.